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The ARRL Antenna Book 21st Edition
Автор:  American Radio Relay League.
Год: 2008.
Язык: eng.
Формат: ISo.
Размер: 606 mb.

На диске - полный текст издания с поиском. Также имеется ряд программ, используемых при расчетах антенн (см. ниже).
Прожечь диск и далее запустить программу установки.

All the information you need to design your own complete antenna system.

Since the first edition in September 1939, radio amateurs and professional engineers have turned to The ARRL Antenna Book as THE source of current antenna theory and a wealth of practical how-to construction projects. Use this book to discover even the most basic antenna designs-- wire and loop antennas, verticals, and Yagis--and for advanced antenna theory and applications. Many of the antennas in this edition benefit directly from advances in sophisticated computer modeling.

This 21st edition has been extensively revised to include information you can use to build highly optimized or specialized antennas. The book includes new content on Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) techniques, phased arrays, S-parameters as used in modern vector network analyzers (VNA), Beverage receiving antennas, mobile “screwdriver” antennas, ionospheric area-coverage maps, and much…much more.

Fully searchable CD-ROM included!
Bundled with this book is a CD-ROM containing The ARRL Antenna Book in its entirety, using the popular Adobe® Reader® software for Microsoft® Windows® and Macintosh® systems. View, search and print from the entire text, including images, photographs, drawings…everything!

The CD-ROM contains additional utility programs, including:

# YW -- Yagi for Windows (view manual)
TLW -- Transmission Line for Windows (view manual)
HFTA -- HF Terrain Assessment for Windows (view manual)
Range-Bearing -- compute range/bearing or latitude/longitude
Arrayfeed1 -- designing phased-array feed systems
EZNEC-ARRL -- antenna modeling for Windows


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